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We help homeowners produce and conserve energy from the U.S east coast to the midwest plains of Oklahoma. Focusing first on home energy conservation before measuring solar energy needs.

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The highest value in home solar energy.

When we first began providing homeowners with energy, we quickly noticed something the industry wasn’t paying attention to. See, most solar power companies would assess a home’s energy needs by the number of Kilowatts consumed on a daily basis. Although it is an achievable target to supplement the energy being used from the power companies, it isn’t the most logical. Once we found the problem with home energy usage, the solution was obvious.

We do things differently with home energy. And thats something we are proud of.

Your home uses energy differently than your neighbor across the street. So why would two identical electric bills be different in panel count? We’ll show you how that’s possible. Each project deserves a different approach and it all starts with your free home evaluation.

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With over 50 combined years of experience in the solar industry, we are always learning to improve our products and energy systems for our customers. The solar industry as a whole is constantly changing as technology advances. It’s up to us to learn this technology and perfect the energy installation process so we can pass the savings onto you.


The future of solar energy excites us, but we find much more passion through our work in helping Americans become energy independent and save a lot of money in the process.


Our team of solar power contractors never settles for mediocrity. Innovating new ideas and expanding on our energy-saving process takes massive precedence over our workflow.


Our honest work and respect flow over into every individual we come into contact with. From our employees to our industry partners, and most importantly to our customers.





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We have installed over 2000 systems and love the kind words and wonderful reviews our customers have left for us. Our service is on par with what we deliver to others – customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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Ready to learn the ins and outs of energy conservation and solar energy production? It all starts inside the house with a Solar Specialist who will evaluate your home’s usage and energy pitfalls.

Start reducing your electric bill

There are many reasons to make the switch to solar energy. Not only are you making a great investment that pays dividends in energy production but there are many rebates and federal assistance programs that help with the cost of solar.

Tax Credits

Every homeowner is entitled to claim a 26% tax credit to help cover the cost of the system if they pay taxes. This means that the federal government will give you .26 cents in usable tax credits for every dollar you spend on your solar power system. Ends December 31st 2022.If you do not file taxes you will not be eligible for this credit.

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Over the last 20 years, the technology of solar panel production has increased substantially. This has helped homeowners be more likely to install a system on their homes. Here at D1G instead of paying for your system in full upfront, we offer industry-leading low-interest rates with optional 24-month no-payment plans.

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Put in your zip code to get your free quote today. $2002 Discount For Every Customer in 2022.

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