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Looking for alternative energy sources for your home in Little Rock, AR? The sun could be the solution to your power problems. Here’s what you need to know about Design 1 Solar Group’s home solar panel installation in Little Rock and how you can enjoy the benefits for yourself and your household.


Arkansas’s power mainly comes from nonrenewable resources like natural gas and coal. By using clean, renewable sources like solar power, your household could become more independent in its energy needs. We can all shape a more sustainable future for Little Rock, one home at a time.


You’ll likely want a system that can generate a great deal of energy with fewer solar panels so your roof won’t be completely covered in panels. With Design 1 Solar Group’s Tier 1 solar panel installation, you can achieve that here in Little Rock. Our products use monocrystalline cells, which are the most efficient solar cells in the market today.

And with our 25-year warranty, you can be assured that your home solar panels can last for decades before you need a replacement.

What are the benefits of choosing solar energy in Arkansas

Here are some of the benefits you can gain when choosing solar in Little Rock over traditional electricity

Arkansas relies mainly on nonrenewable energy, but using solar would reduce your carbon footprint.

You can reduce your utility bills as your home would only use the local grid if the solar panel system can’t generate energy, such as during rainy weather.

You could also go completely off-grid by installing solar batteries, which provide backup energy by storing any surplus power generated by the panels.

Arkansas’ net metering policy means that when your panels produce more energy than you consume, you can export it to the utility grid. The price of the surplus power can be used as credit toward next month’s utility bill.

You become eligible for the Investment Tax Credit, a federal tax credit that lets you deduct up to 26% of the solar installation cost from your tax burden.

How to obtain solar panels for the home in Little Rock, AR

Getting Solar Panels Installed In Your Little Rock Home Takes Just A Few Simple Steps:

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Solar Power

Arkansas is one of the US’s sunnier states, getting around 2,800 hours of sunshine each year. This means over 60 percent of the state’s daylight hours are sunny. Your home solar panels will have plenty of sunlight to convert into electricity.

Investing in a solar panel system for your home in Arkansas is worth it, especially if you’re concerned about our environment. You’ll be less dependent on nonrenewable energy sources that pollute our planet when generating power. Going solar can also save you from the trouble of dealing with power outages in your neighborhood since you won’t rely on the grid as much. And, of course, the savings are significant!

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