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Reduce your family’s carbon footprint with the help of one of the cleanest renewable energy sources in the world: the sun. Design 1 Solar Group has Tennessee solar panel crews ready to provide Nashville homeowners with solar-powered energy solutions. Here are some of the advantages of solar energy and how to obtain solar panels for your house.


We help households in Nashville and around Tennessee become more energy independent. A solar-powered home can give families a reliable, alternative electricity source for years to come. Join us as we move towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Design 1 Solar Group is dedicated to showing the best of what solar energy can do for your home here in Tennessee. As such, we offer Tier-1 panels which produce more power while requiring fewer panels installed. Furthermore, all our installations come with a 25-year power warranty, which helps ensure that the solar panels can stay in good condition and keep producing energy for your home for up to forty years.

Besides the panels’ performance, we also consider your home’s curb appeal. Our installations aren’t the bulky blue ones people often associate with solar power. Instead, they are thin and black for a sleeker, more modern look on your rooftop.

What are the benefits of choosing solar energy in Nashville

Here are some of the benefits you can gain when choosing solar in Nashville, TN over traditional electricity

Having solar panels can make you less dependent on the grid, especially if you have solar batteries as part of your system. You won’t have to worry as much about losing electricity at home if the local utility has power outage issues. And since you reduce the amount of energy you use from the grid, you could also save money on electricity bills.

Solar panels are great for reducing your carbon footprint as they don’t emit any greenhouse gases. You also contribute less to the use of non-renewable sources like fossil fuels for generating electricity.

Unlike many states in the South, you could qualify for zero-down financing when installing home solar panels in Tennessee. This means you might not need to pay upfront, giving you more flexibility with your money.

Having solar panels at home lets you claim some of the installation cost as a federal tax credit, reducing the amount of taxes you owe at the end of the year.

How to obtain solar panels for the home in Nashville, TN

Getting Solar Panels Installed In Your Nashville Home Takes Just A Few Simple Steps:

FAQS About Nashville
Solar Power

Tennessee in general is a good location for solar panel systems. The area gets an average of 2500 – 2600 hours of sunlight each year and is among the top 20 US states that receive the most sunlight.

Tennessee doesn’t have state tax credits besides the federal tax incentives that apply to home solar panels throughout the US. However, you do get a state tax exemption which can remove up to 8.25 percent of the solar panel system cost.

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