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Harnessing solar power paves the way for a sustainable and energy-abundant future. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills, get a free quote for solar in Roanoke, VA, today.


As a trusted industry leader in solar power, Design 1 Solar Group maintains the highest standards of solar panel installation and customer satisfaction. We empower communities to become more energy independent by providing families the option to switch to clean and sustainable energy.


We are committed to helping households conserve and produce their own energy by providing dependable solar in Roanoke, VA. Design 1 Solar Group has consistently improved our goods and services for more than 50 years. With a 25-year warranty, our high-performance panels ensure that you continue to save money for decades to come.

Additionally, you’ll appreciate our sleek, black panel aesthetic, which contrasts sharply with the thick, blue panels you’re probably accustomed to seeing. When you entrust us with your solar panel installation in Roanoke, VA, you’ll receive the best renewable energy option available—while also increasing your curb appeal.

What are the benefits of choosing solar energy in Roanoke

Here are some of the benefits you can gain when choosing solar in Roanoke, VA over traditional electricity

For a limited time, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to deduct up to 26% of the total installation cost of solar panels from your federal taxes. This applies to residential and commercial installations and has no value cap.

When you install solar panels in Roanoke, VA, you generate and consume your own power. This lessens your dependence on utility companies and gives you more control over your energy bill. What’s more, our state’s net metering law grants you credit for the surplus electricity you create. Ultimately, you’ll save a lot of money over your system’s lifespan.

With your personal power plant, you don’t have to worry about rising energy costs from the power company.

Solar in Roanoke, VA, offers financing options to make power more affordable compared to traditional electricity. Design 1 Solar Group offers you the lowest interest rates around with zero down and no payments for your first year.

Solar energy is clean and renewable. It doesn’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere or deplete any resources. Enjoy an efficient and sustainable energy source when you switch to solar power in Roanoke, VA.

How to obtain solar panels for the home in Roanoke, VA

Getting Solar Panels Installed In Your Roanoke Home Takes Just A Few Simple Steps:

FAQS About Roanoke
Solar Power

Aside from the federal solar tax credit and net metering law, Virginia also has a solar energy equipment tax exemption. It allows counties, cities, or towns to exempt solar energy technologies from property taxes—and that includes Roanoke!

Solar panel installation costs differ for every home, often because of the different number of panels required. We’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate after your detailed property assessment.

Roanoke isn’t the sunniest city in the country, but we still get our fair share of sunlight. Besides, solar panels can work well despite cloudy, rainy, or snowy days. Considering all the benefits of solar energy, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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