Yellow background with view of the earth. A variety of people tending to it. With the words Happy Earth Day at the bottom of the image.

Earth Day 2022

Since the start of Earth Day in 1970 many important movements have be enacted. April 22nd has been a day to influence change to better our planet. As well as allowing each of us to reflect and remember the importance of taking care of our environment we share. We collected a few of our favorite […]

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Home Renovations to Save Money

With Summer time right around the corner, so is the inspiration to start some home renovations. Why shouldn’t your hard work pay off? Some super easy renovations can end up saving you thousands. So you’ll have more money for fun Summer activities! Here are some of our favorite tips to initiate in your household. 1. […]

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Solar Energy Efficiency: Is Solar Energy-Efficient?

Solar is one of the best options available to homeowners who want to power their homes with a clean, renewable energy source that also lowers their utility costs. However, is solar energy an efficient source of electricity for your home? Let’s examine the efficiency with which solar panels generate electricity and the factors that determine […]

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