Earth Day 2022

Since the start of Earth Day in 1970 many important movements have be enacted. April 22nd has been a day to influence change to better our planet. As well as allowing each of us to reflect and remember the importance of taking care of our environment we share. We collected a few of our favorite simple ways you can help make an impact this Earth Day.

Small acts can make a big difference. Taking your dog on a walk? Bring an extra bag to pick up litter to dispose of in the appropriate place. Trying to be more mindful of single use plastics can easily become a healthy habit. Reusable straws, bottles, and containers are an excellent start to cutting back. Noticing how much food waste your household produces and making an conscience effort to waste less food. Don’t buy more than you need, and plan out your meals around what you already have at home.

Easy long term solutions can help you and the planet. Renewable energy is less taxing on the planet. As we all know we are quickly running out of fossil fuels, and the prices are continuing to sky rocket! Making the switch to green energy can not only help the planet, but also your wallet. On average our customers save 76% on their monthly electric bill. Taking a burden off of you and the environment. With rebates, savings, and giveaways going solar has never been easier.

Be thankful for the beautiful earth we live on every day. We want to leave it better for our future generations to enjoy. There are many steps you can take to improve your quality of life as well as the others around you.

“The earth is what we all have in common.” -Wendell Berry

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