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Energy conservation

inside the home
not on the roof.

You want to go solar? That's great! But, let's try and conserve some of that energy first.


Every homeowner is entitled to claim a 26% tax credit to help cover the cost of the system if they pay taxes. This means that the federal government will give you .26 cents in usable tax credits for every dollar you spend on your solar power system. Ends December 31st 2022.If you do not file taxes you will not be eligible for this credit.


To help supplement solar energy efficiency, we always like to offer our clients the home energy conservation package. The solar panels can do the work by themselves but installing fewer solar panels is only going to benefit the house and the overall cost of the solar system.

Reduce before you produce

We have found the solution to home energy loss. Ever heard your heater kick on 30 minutes after it shut off? Have you ever received an electric bill at the end of the month and not done anything different than the month before? Your home is wasting massive energy and instead of overproducing to make up for it, we shut off the waste first!

Smart Thermostat

Every home energy conservation package includes a nest thermostat. Adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere to lower heating and cooling costs.

Led Light Bulbs

Reduce electricity usage with the increased energy efficiency of modern LED light bulbs.

Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Use a hybrid energy-saving water heater to better maintain your water’s temperature.

Solar Eclipse Attic System

Insulate your attic with various insulation techniques covering every square inch resulting in less energy waste.

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