Home Renovations to Save Money

With Summer time right around the corner, so is the inspiration to start some home renovations. Why shouldn’t your hard work pay off? Some super easy renovations can end up saving you thousands. So you’ll have more money for fun Summer activities! Here are some of our favorite tips to initiate in your household.

1. Drip, drip, drip…

An easy fix for any house is to check for sneaky water leaks. High water bills can really put a ding in your budget. Fixing leaky faucets or installing “low flow” fixtures can reduce your household’s water consumption. A quick $20-50 dollar addition can save you money in the long run.

2. Take advantage of the sun’s natural power.

Installing solar panels for your home can make a huge difference in your monthly electric bill. On average solar panel users save 70% or more on their electric bill. This can add up to thousands of dollars each year! If that’s not enough to consider the switch, you could also qualify for benefits depending on the state you live in. Get a quick free on-site solar inspection from our experts.

3. Is your attic losing you money?

Most people do not have enough insulation in their attic and have no clue. Unfortunately, a majority of homes lose over 25% of their AC out of their attic space. Causing them to crank the air conditioning more often, making their electric bill to soar! Additional insulation could be an important step to lowering your electric bill and keeping you cooler this summer.

4. Make the switch…light switch that is.

Another simple improvement you can make to save money is getting rid of old light bulbs. This small change can help you save money in many ways. Most people don’t know that LED bulbs use up 75% less power than average incandescent bulbs. Also, they can last up to twenty five times longer! So you won’t be running to the store as often either.

Let us know if we can help!

Implementing these tips can help you save more money for the activities you want to enjoy this Summer. To make it even easier, our team can help get you started with a free on-site inspection. So go ahead, book the flight, go to the water park, or visit your favorite place. We are here to help!

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