How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

Thinking about going solar? You might be wondering how much time it takes to have a solar power system installed. The answer is that there’s no set, universal time for every installation—it can take a few weeks or months. The timing depends on several factors, such as the solar power provider, the local government, and your availability, as well as the size of the installation project. 

So exactly how long does it take to install solar panels at home? Let’s look at what’s involved in the process and the average amount of time each step takes.

The Steps Involved in a Home Solar Panel Installation

The typical solar panel home installation includes the following steps. 

1. Requesting a Quote

The first step to installing panels is finding the right solar provider and requesting an on-site consultation so you receive an accurate quote. This involves providing details about your property so the company can determine whether your home qualifies for solar. They’ll also ask about your goals, such as how much solar energy you want to generate and so on. 

But keep in mind that your chosen solar panel company may have several other projects on its calendar. This means that even if they have multiple installation teams, it may take some time before they can open up their schedule. 

You can typically expect to have the site visit around 1–2 weeks after your quote request, though it can also take up to a month if scheduling issues arise.

2. Site Assessment and Design Proposals

Before coming to your site, the solar panel professionals will have already checked your roof through satellite images to study its orientation and where sunlight and shade hit the property. This helps determine the optimal location for the panel system.

On the scheduled date, they’ll visit your home to assess it in person and discuss the price. The solar professional will check your roof and property for features and obstructions that weren’t in the satellite images and adjust any measurements they’ve already made. 

After the site visit, the solar company can alter their original designs to better suit your home, budget, and energy needs until you agree and sign a contract. This usually takes between 1–3 weeks from the date of the site visit. 

3. Acquiring Permits

Before the solar company can start installing your panels, you’ll need to get permits from the local government. They generally include:

  • A photovoltaic (PV) permit
  • A general electrical permit
  • A construction permit

You may also need your homeowner’s association’s approval before you can begin any major project at home. 

Depending on how quickly your local government works, you may get the permits in as little as two weeks or as long as two months. Fortunately, your solar company can help you procure these permits since they’re likely to already have relationships with local officials. 

4. The Actual Installation 

Once you’ve got the permits, the solar installation crew can get right to work. Though it depends on the size of the roof and panel system, the project usually takes between one and five days to finish. 

5. Final Inspection

Before you can use the solar power system, your city or county must conduct a final inspection. They’ll check whether the installation was done correctly and ensure it complies with local solar panel regulations. Depending on how quickly your government acts and the local inspector’s availability, the inspection can be scheduled within a week or up to a month. 

Are Solar Panels Easy to Install?

Installing solar panels is dangerous since it involves handling high-voltage wiring. Incorrectly connecting your system can lead to surges or even electrical components blowing up. Solar panels are also heavy and can be difficult to get to the roof if you don’t have the proper experience. 

Due to the risks involved, we don’t recommend going DIY. A solar installation professional is trained and certified to handle electrical systems and has the tools and manpower to transport your panels safely from the ground to the roof. 

Learn More About Solar Power with Design 1 Solar Group

Home solar panel installations take time to set up but remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your solar panel system will lead to better energy savings and less dependency on the utility grid. It’s worth the wait, wouldn’t you agree? 

Knowing how long it takes to install solar panels can help you decide when it’s best to finally go solar. So if you’re ready to make the switch, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn about our solar installation process at Design 1 Solar Group.

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