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The sun is the most abundant energy source on the planet. With the help of Design 1 Solar Group, you can harness its power for your home here in Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about how to get home solar panels in Kansas City and the benefits they can bring to your household.


Design 1 Solar Group is committed to providing homeowners with a cleaner and more reliable solution to their electricity needs. We believe solar power is the key to energy independence. Together, we can go further in our mission to build a sustainable tomorrow for Kansas City and the rest of Missouri.


Here at Design 1 Solar Group, we want you to experience the full potential of a home solar power system. That’s why our team provides Tier 1 solar panels made from high-quality components that will generate energy for your home for the next three to four decades. Furthermore, all installations are backed by a 25-year warranty to ensure your solar panels operate in peak condition for years to come.

What are the benefits of choosing solar energy in Kansas City

Here are some of the benefits you can gain when choosing solar in Kansas city, MO over traditional electricity

If you’re environmentally conscious, using solar power helps reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels don’t emit greenhouse gases when generating electricity.

Going solar lessens your dependence on the utility grid, and you could even go completely off-grid if you want. If you still want to remain connected, solar power can be stored in batteries as an emergency energy source in case of power outages.

Because solar energy requires less reliance on local utilities, you’ll also be able to save money on utility costs.

You can lower setup costs with the Investment Tax Credit, a federal tax credit available to homeowners who buy and have solar panel systems installed in their homes. You can claim up to 26 percent of the system’s cost and deduct it from your income taxes.

How to obtain solar panels for the home in Kansas city, MO

Getting Solar Panels Installed In Your Kansas Home Takes Just A Few Simple Steps:

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Solar Power

Missouri is among the USA’s top 20 sunnier states, so naturally Kansas City also gets plenty of sunshine. The city has about 2800 hours of sunlight each year, with around five peak solar hours a day. This makes Kansas City a decent place to set up a residential solar panel system.

Besides the federal tax credit, having solar panel systems in Kansas City also gives you access to some city and state benefits, such as: #1 Rebate payments of up to $1 per solar panel-generated watt if you’re a Kansas City Power & Light customer and #2 exemption from property tax increases for Missouri homeowners with solar panels or other solar energy systems.

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