Blue house with a lightning bolt & solar panels on the roof & sun peeking up behind the house. Represents solar aesthetics.


Sleek Stylish Design

Our solar panels are not the traditional thick bright blue panels you think of when solar panels pops in your head. These new 21st century solar panels have a slick deep black color to them. They have also become so thin they can look more like a piece of art put on your roof rather than an unattractive eyesore.

Blue house with lightning bolt, sun above it, gear below it, arrows cycling between sun & gear. Symbolizes solar technology.


Highly Advanced Tech

Designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A. Solar energy panels contain solar cells, which have semiconductors that convert light into electrical energy. Direct current (DC) electricity is produced and routed to an inverter. Our products are built using monocrystalline cells which make our solar panels categorized as Tier 1 which is the highest-rated solar panel you can use.

Yellow lightning bolt with arrows cycling around it. Represents the long lasting performance of a solar energy system.


Solar Works Best With Help

The output on our tier 1 panels are unrivaled in the solar panel industry. More power equals more savings and fewer panels. Most importantly the performance is backed by a class-leading 25-year power warranty. This means you will be producing energy well into the next 3 to 4 decades.



Are you ready to own your power instead of renting it from the power company every month? Of course you are, why would anybody choose to rent electricity when you could own personal power plant for nothing out of pocket! Our solar products deliver that independence to you in a variety of factors, including saving lots of dollars in the process.

Man in construction hat, standing on top of a roof covered in solar panels, thinking about solar energy savings.


Gone are the days of overpriced solar energy systems! With new technology being implemented into the solar industry it has caused the price of solar power to go down substantially. On top of that, we always offer the lowest interest rates in the country with $0 down and no required payments for the first year.


For a limited time, homeowners can claim 26% of the cost of installing solar panels as a tax credit. This tax credit is a government incentive made for Americans to help them bring down the overall solar energy cost. Ends December 31st 2022. If you do not file taxes you will not be eligible for this credit.


Purchasing a new car is an expense. Purchasing solar energy is an investment. The average homeowner with a solar energy system can start seeing a return on investment in the first year. In most cases, we are able to bring down the monthly cost of electricity causing more dollars to go back into your system pay off. Ultimately going solar will save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your solar power system.


Energy costs are increasing by the day from the big business power companies. The fact of the matter is that energy costs have always gone up and in this post-covid world more people than ever are working from home increasing the demand on the grid. Luckily when you go solar you protect yourself from energy increases from the power company because you now have your own power company.


Homes for sale with solar energy systems sell for more money than homes without solar power and homes with solar energy systems sell faster. The NREL says that for every $1 you save the first year of solar, you will increase the value of your home by $20. Check here!


Studies back up that electricity production by photovoltaic solar panels is more sustainable than electricity powered by fossil fuels. Solar energy also does not pollute the air by releasing greenhouse gases, eliminating the damage to the environment.



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